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Helping You With Your Party Planning

Beverage-Related Wedding Favors To Hand Out

by Monica Berry

When you're planning your wedding, it's important to give some careful thought to what favors you'll give your guests. Those who attend your wedding will be spending their time with you and spending money on a gift, so it's nice to send them away with a small token of your appreciation for their support on your big day. There are countless different wedding favor options for you to consider. Many couples enjoy giving out things that their guests can consume. While snacks and treats are popular, so, too, are beverage-related products. Here are three favors that your guests will enjoy drinking.


It's a safe bet that a lot of your wedding guests are coffee drinkers, so a gift of coffee can be a good option for you to consider. Instead of buying coffee from a national chain, consider supporting a local coffee shop that can put together small packets of coffee in stylish bags. Alternatively, you can place a bulk order for coffee — either beans or ground — and put it in bags of your own. Ideally, you can customize the bags with a sticker that has your names and the date of your wedding, as well as a message of thanks.


You might have a champagne toast planned for a key moment of your wedding reception, but another good wedding favor idea is to give out mini bottles of champagne to your guests. You can print custom tags that feature details about your wedding day, and then secure the tags to the necks of the bottles with ribbon in a color that suits your wedding theme. You might wish to have a sign on the table that holds your wedding favors that encourages your guests to open their bottles of champagne at a special time and remember your happy day together.


If you and your soon-to-be spouse are both craft beer enthusiasts, you might be thinking about serving some of these beverages at your reception. It can be fun to give out cans or bottles of craft beer as wedding favors, especially if you know that several of your guests are also beer enthusiasts. You might even wish to work with a local craft brewer that can create a special, limited-edition batch for your big day. If desired, you can create custom labels that you can affix to the cans or bottles to give a unique touch to these favors. Look online to find more inspiration for your wedding favors.

For more information on wedding favors, contact a company like Favor Creations.