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Helping You With Your Party Planning

Renting An Inflatable Water Slide

by Monica Berry

An inflatable water slide is a fun addition to any summer party, but you must manage many planning decisions to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. When choosing a water slide rental, some considerations need special attention.

Sizing Your Inflatable Water Slide Rental

The first factor you will need to assess when renting an inflatable water slide is its size. Choosing a water slide that is too large for the event area can cause safety concerns, and it will not allow enough space for the other activities you want at the event. For those with the available space, larger water slides can support large splash pools and multiple riders. Touring the event site ahead of time can allow you to measure this space.

Choose An Area With The Suitable Hookups For The Inflatable Water Slide

The inflatable water slide will need some basic hookups to function. For example, the slide needs an air pump connected to it. This pump will keep the water slide from gradually deflating over the day. In addition to an electrical connection for this pump, the slide may need a water source to fill the splash pool and flow down the slide. These requirements may mean placing the slide relatively close to the house or building to provide these connections. The rental service can provide the exact specifications that the slide will need.

Supervise Children When They Are Using The Inflatable Water Slide

The children at the party may be excited about the slide, but you will still need to ensure a parent is supervising them. While the water slide will be a safe activity, there are safety rules that you must enforce. Making sure that children remove their shoes, jewelry, or other items can minimize the chance of the slide suffering damage. The children will also need to be supervised to stop them from playing too rough on the slide.

Insure The Inflatable Water Slide When You Rent It

Throughout your rental of the inflatable water slide, you will be responsible for any damage that occurs to it. If the slide suffers a tear or other damage, you will be liable for the costs required to repair or replace the slide. Protecting yourself from this liability may require purchasing an insurance policy from the rental service. Providing proof of this coverage may satisfy the rental service's insurance requirements for those with their own insurance policy. Fortunately, inflatable water slides can be surprisingly durable, reducing the risk of them suffering damage during your rental.

To learn more about inflatable water slide rental, reach out to a service provider in your area.