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Helping You With Your Party Planning

Three Balloon Decoration Ideas For A Corporate Event

by Monica Berry

While a lot of people associate balloons with children's events such as birthday parties, they can also be a valuable type of decoration for adult gatherings. If you're planning a corporate event and you want your venue to be as festive as possible, you'll want to visit a company that specializes in corporate event decorations. It will have a wide variety of products that you can rent and buy, including balloons. You can choose balloons in all sorts of cheery colors or select a few specific colors that match your company's logo. Here are three balloon decoration ideas for a corporate event.

Balloon Wall

It's common to have a hired photographer at corporate events, and if this professional will be taking several photos throughout the day or evening, you'll want to plan on having a suitable photo backdrop. A fun option can be to get a balloon wall. You can order this structure in whatever size suits you and have people from the decoration company visit your location to set up the wall. It will be a festive backdrop for your official photos, and you may find that your guests are also keen on snapping selfies in front of the colorful display.

Ceiling Balloons

Provided that your venue has a tall ceiling — something that is often the case at ballroom-style venues — it can be fun to affix large balloons to the ceiling. They'll provide a unique and festive look overhead, while also helping to partially hide the ceiling if you find that it looks a bit bland. You can choose to have balloons in several different areas of the ceiling around the room, or you might favor concentrating them in one specific area. For example, you might want balloons attached to the ceiling above the stage.

Balloon Pillars

At some venues, there will be several pillars in the room. A good way to decorate the pillars, while also augmenting the look of the room as a whole, is to cover them in balloons. Your decoration company will send people to the venue who will cover the entire surface of each pillar in a thick blanket of balloons, which can immediately add a splash of color and a fun vibe to your venue. You'll have the option of deciding whether you want the balloons placed in a specific pattern, such as a striped arrangement, or in a haphazard manner. Learn more about how to use balloons for your event by contacting a corporate event decoration company.