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Helping You With Your Party Planning

Planning an Event? How to Warm It up for Winter

by Monica Berry

As the weather grows colder, being a party planner can turn into an unfavorable task. Usually, party planners can rely on the pleasant temperatures of spring, summer, and fall to provide comfortable atmospheres for a party. However, winter weather is not as favorable. Winter weather is typically associated with colder temperatures across North America, which can create quite an obstacle when trying to plan an outdoor party. Many clients would like to have their parties outdoors during the winter, whether they are celebrating a wedding, a birthday, or even college graduation. Although planning an outdoor party during the winter may appear to be a daunting task, there is a simple solution that can remedy many challenges of a chilly outdoor party. An outdoor heater rental can create a warm, comfortable space for your guests to enjoy. 

First, it is important to determine what outdoor heater will be most effective for your event

There are outdoor patio heaters, fans, and even outdoor propane heaters. Outdoor patio heaters are effective in warming large spaces, especially if you have multiple heaters for a more cozy atmosphere. For larger event spaces, outdoor fan heaters have the ability to spread heat evenly throughout the venue--ensuring that your guests will be comfortable no matter where they are located during the party. If the party you're planning is going to be held in an area with much cooler temperatures, then a propane heater may be more appropriate for the situation. Outdoor propane heaters can expel more heat than their electric counterparts; creating a warmer and more inviting atmosphere for your outdoor party. 

Outdoor heater rentals are often overlooked in the party planning world, but they are an effective way to transform a space from frosty and freezing to warm and inviting. If you're unsure where to start your search, try contacting the vendors you are planning to work with for these events. These vendors may already have an outdoor heater that you can rent for your upcoming event. If the vendors you are working with do not have a heater available for you to rent, check a home-improvement store in your area. These stores often have various outdoor heaters available to rent for events or for personal use. Another place to find an outdoor heater for rent is the internet. Searching for an outdoor heater online can also provide results that will help transform your winter party from good to great. 

If you have any questions about an outside heater rental for a party, be sure to contact local party planners.